A Splendid Day at Home

Today will be another busy day. We are showing the house again this evening, which means I need to get everything looking nice. I plan on packing our china and extra set of dishes, and I have a few loads of laundry that need to be folded and put away.

Sunday we attended a bonfire at a friend's house. The boys roasted marshmallows (well really Daddy roasted them and they ate them, lol). There was another family there that has four daughters, so the boys enjoyed playing with them. There children are older than ours, and our boys always love playing with older girls. I was exhausted and not feeling well by the time we left, I think I had just been on my feet too much that day.

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Yesterday I spent most of the day resting. I do dislike having to take it easy, but I knew there was still so much for me to do this week, and I can't really afford to be out of commission, lol. I am feeling better today, and ready to get back to packing.

This weekend we we're working in the garage when suddenly my husband pushed me towards the door and told me to get inside. I had no idea what was going on, but apparently there had been a snake just a foot away from me. It was likely just a rat snake, but it was still rather scary! I remember having dreams (or rather, nightmares,lol) about snakes as I was falling asleep last night. Yuck, yuck and more yuck!

I gave Jacob a haircut this weekend, but wasn't able to get to the other two, so I am going to try to cut at least Joshua's today.

Oh, something cute~ Jacob's big task around the house is to use the sweeper, especially after meals. He was having a bit of trouble with the handle being so long, so Rick figured out that he could take a link out and make the handle just his height. Oh Jacob was so excited! I will have to get a picture because it is just too cute. We are thinking we will just buy a second one that I can use, and that will be just his. He loves to help and I think it makes him feel important, especially when he has things he can help with that are just his size. 🙂

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