Building A Network

To build a network you must get involved in several groups, not necessarily network defined. It would be important to get involved in a church or non-profit organizing group, in a charity club like the Lions Club, a small group and a church. By developing relationships in these areas you will do several important things to grow your network.

The first thing you need to grow is your reach. Your reach is defined by how many people you can touch. A great three year process to grow your reach in any area is to meet people at a state or national conference, then speak at it the next year, and plan it the year after.

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The next thing to develop out is your touch. Now that you have your reach, you want your touch to be worthwhile and with the right people at all times. Never feel like a conversation was wasted with someone, but if someone seems to have wasted your time, make an effort to make the time more valuable yourself. Always take the time you need for people to feel like you are involved with them and their lives. It will be a great investment for your future.

The next thing to work on is your network. Your network will only grow if you help other peoples network grow. Try introducing people to each other in your network. Send someone faithfully to others who have a need. Then sit back and watch as people send you people to your network.

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