Whether your window is cracked or broken, un-repairable, or you simply want to upgrade to Low – E, energy efficient glass, Fog-Out Window Solutions can recommend the best solution for you. Without having to remove the entire frame, Fog-out can simply and quickly replace the sealed unit (just the glass) in any window or door, saving you money as we eliminate the cost of a full frame installation.

What are “Sealed Units”?

The ‘sealed unit’ is the glass portion of your window, most commonly made of two or three panes of glass separated by a spacer that seals the gap between the glass. This air space is the means of insulating your window, and is what helps keep frost and condensation from forming on the window pane. Sometimes even the highest quality sealed unit wears out under constant expansion and contraction, and moisture seeps in. If you notice fog or moisture in the sealed unit, in between the panes of glass, the window has failed. Fog-Out can out and give you an estimate on either a new sealed unit or the “Fog-Out” repair options.

What is Low-E glass & Should I Upgrade?

Low-Emissivity glass, commonly called low-E glass, is really the best energy efficient sealed unit you can get and is becoming increasingly more popular. Windows with low-E have a thin, transparent coating of metal and metal oxides that work in tandem with argon gas. They are over twice as energy efficient as a regular clear double pane windows.

How do I benefit from Low-E energy efficient glass?

Whether its 20 below outside or plus 30 in the summer, Low – E glass provides the highest levels of year-round comfort and energy savings, making it the perfect glass no matter where you live.

Because it resists ultraviolet light by up to 61%, the low-E coating reduces fading & damage to carpets, hardwood, draperies, sofas and other furnishings.

During the summer the Low-E reduces the heat gain from the sun while still allowing light to pass through, thus keeping your house cooler & your air conditioning bills lower. On the other hand, in the winter it reduces heat loss from the inside of your house keeping your house warmer and your heating bills lower. It’s definitely a win-win situation!

If you’re ready to save money by replacing your old windows with Low-E energy-efficient glass, contact us for a free estimate or more information.

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