Our foray into meal planning

For our foray into meal planning Jacob and I opted to do two weeks' worth of meals. We are still in week one so I don't know if this was a good idea or not. I'll let you know how that tenth meal tastes at the end of next week.

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The following is our meal plan for the first week (this week); what we did was pair a protein with two vegetables. You will notice that there are no meals with pasta or rice (except for the stir fried noodles in week two). We are trying to reduce our intake of simple carbs. Anyway, I have kept you waiting long enough:

You probably noticed that there are a lot of fish in our menu and WAIT A DAMN MINUTE! LAUREN, AREN'T YOU A VEGETARIAN? I want to address this. Absolutely. Just not in this already way-too-long post.

Friday evening I will be uploading and posting this week's meals' photos with recipes, tips and tricks. Hopefully it will inspire you to give extreme meal planning a try!

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