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5 inspiring ways to display your magazines

I would love to display my "collection" in my office instead of stacking them messily on (or near) my coffee table. These images above have really inspired me to try something different.

1. Shelving

I am a big fan of minimalist white shelving for holding prints and frames. Why I have never thought of displaying my magazines like this before? I love the look and how the clean glossy covers lean against the wall.

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2. Hangers

I absolutely love this idea of hanging your magazines using a hanger. Especially a nice set of rose gold or copper hangers against the white walls. I like the combination with the hangers and the shelves.

3. Metal Rods

These metal rods are a great way to create a statement wall piece. I adore the magazines being horizontal similar to the hangers.

4. Wire Shelving

Now I know this is quite similar to the first option, but I like how the wire is used here to hold and display the covers.

5. Clips

This is one of my favourites, I love that the covers are stacked and mismatched. The way they hang at an angle. It is definitely unique.

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