Two items that are popular for a reason!

But we all know that bacon is the food of the moment. Burger King just rolled out a bacon sundae. Every burger place has it's own bacon creation and my son even appropriated Wendy's moniker and calls himself "the Baconator."

And of course, McHenry County, trend-Mecca that we are(insert snarky comment, here) has it's homegrown answer to bacon-mania: Kiera Confections' "Pancakes and Bacon" cupcake.

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Oh no, a blog about two trendy foods?

Relax and keep reading. Better yet, hop in the car and head to McHenry.

The little strip-center bakery is located north of town on Route 31, tucked into one of the shopping centers across the highway from Penneys. Look for the CUPCAKES sign on the building. Owner Kim Loewe opened her business about a year ago, and features a rotating menu of cupcakes, usually themed to the month. July is a white cupcake with strawberries and blueberries. October is Pumpkin Spice. You get the idea.

There are also daily favorites, a cupcake of the day and a few others available any time, by request. One of these is the Pancakes and Bacon cupcake.

It's a flavorful vanilla cupcake topped with cream cheese frosting, drizzled with maple syrup and sprinkled with bacon bits. While the combination might sound a little strange, the light, moist cupcake, the frosting (which doesn't clobber your tongue with sweetness) the syrup and chewy, smoky real bacon bits is a winner. The Baconator gave it a thumbs up. My husband passed on the bacon cupcake experience but loved Kiera Confections' Peanut Butter Cup cupcake. As for me, the Berry Bubbly, a strawberry cupcake with topped with champagne buttercreme frosting, was to die for.

Yeah, I know. Bacon and cupcakes. Too trendy for words. But sometimes, things are popular for a reason.

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