What is Enterprise Shipping?

Enterprise shipping is not a strange corporate function. It is a process of shipping performed at a level visible to any employee who has the permission to do the shipping job, or see the shipping information at a corporate level.

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In this condition, shipping is not a just a warehouse function, it is a process driven by the enterprise. There have to be planning in place for how to get the information needed for shipment processing, using the information to make business rules to ship the order correctly, and how to correctly route the results of what has shipped to the suitable data storage locations in the enterprise.

An enterprise shipping system purchase should be the last purchase required by any business. The capacity to handle the work load is a vital requirement of any enterprise shipping system.

Introducing a new system into a business requires a top down thought process for efficiently utilizing the system. It does not make sense to automate a poor process just to adapt to an enterprise shipping solution.

Businesses grow and transform over time. An enterprise shipping solution must be capable to manage that development and have to be able to adapt. Computers and other hardware will always getting better and better, plus the operating system used these days will be different with the one that will be used in the next five years. They will have to keep up with all those changes. There are complicated rules in the enterprise that are required to keep the clients coming back and order again. Enterprise shipping systems must be smart.

The most important thing from an enterprise shipping solution is that it must also benefit other functions in the enterprise, for example the warehouse needs to know the shipping volume trends for the last year, customer service must know when the order will be shipped and also the tracking number, accounting needs to know the cost of shipping, and many more.

Any organization can no longer live by the old saying, "If it is not broken, do not fix it." A lot of processes within a company can be enhanced upon, even if those are still working fine at the moment. What must be kept in mind is the cost of improvement against the gain in productivity.

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